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12 December 2011

Booted up the Playstation to have a quick game of Battlefield 3. However, Sony demands I download a ~180Mb update (version 4.00). In countryside broadband terms, that's an hour gone.

What is the frequency of Sony PS3 updates? Because it seems every time I turn it on (infrequently since I bought an XBOX 360 when HALO: Reach was released ☟), I have to download another system update.

Whereas, the XBOX 360 updates are occasional and very small in comparison. I've never had to wait more than ten minutes.

So, Battlefield 3, I'm afraid you'll have to wait. I'm going back to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 on the XBOX 360. And don't even get me started on the huge launch-day patch for Battlefield 3.

Perhaps I'l just buy a Dingoo A380 instead.

☞ Halo: Reach was a very disappointing game, I thought. Killzone 2 does it so much better and came out far earlier [than HALO: Reach] (Feb 2009 versus September 2010).