I had a Commodore 64 from around 5 years old. Before that we had a C16, but I hardly remember it. I believe the C16 was a cast-off from my father’s work. Around the same time as the C64 we had a 286, which I can’t remember much about, other than a CGA Breakout clone.

The C64 was miles ahead of the Spectrum. Burned in my memory is the silky smooth synth sounds, and gorgeous, colourful sprites. It put my Master System to shame (in all except loading times). In fact, I would often play the Master System while I waited for Dizzy or Pitstop II or Silkworm to load.

I still have that C64, and it still works. Occasionally I will take it down from the loft, fire it up and play some old classics. I have so many cassettes with games that I cannot remember, or was unable to comprehend as a child. So I try these out too; see what the designer was reaching for; how they managed to overcome the constraints of 8-bit; but also how they embraced it and made the most of it. High concepts translated into simple games, often wonderfully executed and still highly playable today. IK+, here I come again.

Which was your favourite computer/game, growing up?