Paul Naybour’s post on Combining APM, PMI and PRINCE2 into a holistic approach to project management presents a sensible discussion on the virtues and vices of only considering one approach. There are heated debates all over the world regarding which, if any, PM qualifications are valuable. PM Careers deftly surmises:

[L]ike most things in life, the greater the effort, the greater the reward […] If you are serious about your career and being the best Project Manager possible, why wouldn’t you invest some time in understanding as much about your subject as possible?”

This is very much aligned with my opinion and actions. I am completing a Masters Degree in Project Management through RGU (online distance learning over three or four academic years); I hold and maintain my PMP® credential; have attended part of a PRINCE2 course and passed the Foundation Exam (unfortunately I could not attend the whole week to also sit the Practitioner paper due to work commitments, but I will return to it); and as part of my MSc course I sat an invigilated exam which was a replica of the APMP exam, but not party to AMPG marking.

I am currently testing my belief that project management learning in schools would be beneficial for everyone, providing the key to unlocking and developing many life skills. Since April 2011, I have led and collaborated with other leaders in the conducting of several pilots with local primary and secondary schools, and continue to do so. My thesis and subsequent related papers are the tactics I use to form a body of discussion, evidence and literature towards fulfilling the aims of a vision that came to me in a dream during the winter of 2010.

With Paul Muad'Dib as my imaginary mentor, for reasons best explained by reading Ben Thomson’s explicit and uproarious proclamation of Paul Maud'Dib as Badass of the Week; along with real-life mentors, colleagues, and friends; a thirst for knowledge; and a compulsion to share and help society: I am confident in succeeding here and encouraging others to do so to.

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