“But most of the time I’ll still end up using the JPEGs; sue me. All that matters to me is the final image, the starting point is irrelevant if everything’s there that needs to be there. My days of being a RAW snob are behind me. Whatever works.”— Patrick La Roque

I have tens of gigabytes of RAW files, where JPEGs would do. In fact, if I make the time some day, I’ll do some spring cleaning, delete all the crappy photos, then batch convert most of the remainder to JPEG. (I’ll make some back-ups first of course.)

Because even after running jpegoptim—see here for an excellent how-to by my friend Koralatov— and losslessly reclaiming ~1Gb from the scarce free float of my 250Gb SSD, I want more space, and to keep the whole library on my laptop.

Yes, I keep backups too, but that subject deserves a post all of it’s own.