I like Field Notes writing materials. This Chicago based company manufacture excellent pocket-size notepads (memo books). I have subscribed to their quarterly colors series for 2012, which promises unique, limited-edition variations of their classic 3½ × 5½ memo books.

And I certainly haven’t been disappointed in that regard. But what I saw when I opened my latest delivery got me unduly excited. What I thought was a larger notebook bundled with six green, brown, and white memo books; well, it was not a larger notebook.

It was a book, already filled with words inside. A book for reading; not for writing. A book to be consumed, not to be used for creation. Imagine the disappointment and confusion. Why?

Guess what; I didn’t ask Field Notes Brand to curate for me. I do not wish them to consider my taste in reading material. I have not given my permission or requested to be part of a machine marketing and promoting their new publishing arm.

What I am interested in, and definitely signed up for, is themed varations of their classic memo books. What I do expect is their craftsmanship and taste to go into making exquisitely American notepads.

Don’t send me books to read. For me, that is a waste of so much good paper, dispatched to an audience who did not expect and will likely not appreciate that you have pre-filled their notebooks with words, leaving no space for theirs. You are more than welcome to send an email about your new publishing arm, even a slip of paper with my latest package wouldn’t have gone amiss. But a whole book? Why?

Please Field Notes Brand, stick to sending your excellent memo books for me to scribble in, take notes with, and write in.

AuthorI.B. Simpson