Title: Regarding Calepin and its new Competitors

Date: 2012-01-05

@calepinapp: You have one competitor starting now (@scriptogram), and more are bound to come. After all, your idea is a very good one…

I didn’t publish the tweet above because it deserves discussion. As is so often the case, Twitter is not the place for serious discourse.

As of 5th January 2012, Calepin (a recently developed service from Jökull Sólberg for generating a static site from markdown files in your Dropbox) is no longer alone. Scriptogram has joined the fray. Both Calepin and Scriptogram are being rapidly developed. The current differentiator is Calepin’s stance on not having custom themes, its willingness to explore paid options, and its greater level of polish. More on that soon.

Both services promise to have custom domains and other exciting features coming soon. What do you want from your publishing platform?

The functionality I’m looking for:

  • easy to publish markdown text files into a static site
  • pages as well as posts
  • online and offline editing of text files (paid)
  • custom domains (paid)
  • custom themes (paid)
  • CSS inject (paid)

Scriptogr.am’s homepage currently states all the features above will be free with their service. Why? I’d prefer to pay for it.

This is only the beginning of a new plethora of services coming to market. The marriage of geek with design in recent years (thanks to the world-wide web) is producing new and interesting children (or iteratively better Ripley clones as in Alien: Resurrection if you like).

New services are coming thick and fast. Hat-tip to Koralatov for pointing out yet another emerging service: Skrivr

In conclusion, I want simplicity in how I get my writing onto the web, and control of that content. All these new services have the potential to fulfil that. Some will rise to prominence, and I will be loyal to those that fit best.

AuthorI.B. Simpson
CategoriesTech, Writing