12 days is a long time in the world of Dropbox blogging1. The attention being given Dropbox publishing engines by the likes of the brilliant 5by5 podcasts; is like pouring water and warmth onto a thirsty young plant. Scriptogr.am especially is adding features and refining quality in quantum leaps2.

All of my recent writing online has been about writing online. Since being alerted to the existence of Calepin (via Koralatov) last November, promise was shown that my wish for the ideal static-site generator would be fulfilled.

Now I’ve finally stopped looking and am ready to settle down. Yes, I’ve been made aware of more engines. To name a few (in the reverse-chronological order that I learned of them): DropType, Skrivr, Second Crack, Octopress.

But, I am confident that Scriptogr.am has what I’m looking for, in droves. My next post will be about something other than Dropbox publishing.

  1. Blogging is [apparently] dead. Long live publishing. I must admit to preferring the term _publishing_ over _blogging_. (I can see how the availability heuristic when applied to each term will always prefer publishing; which implies integrity, editing, serious, thought-out, etc. rather than, say for example, “LOL! Look at my catpuss”.
  2. I am writing this using Scriptogr.am’s online text editor. It’s everything iA Writer should’ve been, and more.
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