From inessential by Brent Simmons:

[…] If blogs are turning into places for more thoughtful writing, rather than as the only place to share stuff, I think that’s awesome. We have a more diverse, interesting, textured set of web-tools than we used to. That’s good.

Here’s what’s dead: the idea that everybody should have a blog.

I’m totally cool with that. Makes sense to me. But that’s a long way from meaning that blogs are dead.

So if we have a blog, we should use it to share thoughtful writing?


We have come a long way from GeoCities, which is now defunct. But you can, for nostalgic reasons, make any website eye-bleedingly horrific using geocitiesizer.

It would be interesting to compare blogging then (teenagers’ GeoCities site are not the best example), to blogging now.

As we naturalise the web, it seems the path to good design is more accessible, and new technology makes it easily achievable, as evidenced in Stephanie Marcus’ article: A Brief History of Blogs

While I comprehend that design is a medium for the message, style versus substance […] I am inspired by good design.

At the very least, good design lets the message speak. And at the very best: it informs the message and adds value to it.

AuthorI.B. Simpson