How much would you like pain-free and pretty hosting of your words on the web? A tool that just works, and gets out of the way of your writing. I have hunted high and low for a long time to find such a grail.

And now I’ve found it1 in Calepin: “the easiest way to self publish online” You write a piece in Markdown2; save in your Dropbox; visit; click publish3; and you’re done.

One-click publishing: No updates. No danger. No tears. Having experimented with Wordpress, Tumblr, Squarespace, and HTML+CSS, I can happily say that Calepin has blown me away. I’ll be switching my main site to Calepin once custom domains and themes are supported.

Calepin is stable, new and evolving. Made available to all during November 2011, the creator is taking good feedback and making Calepin even better.

Write. Publish. Done.

Thank you Jökull Sólberg for creating and sharing this.

  1. Well actually, Koralatov told me about it.
  2. Markdown is a wonderful plain-text formatting system that is easily [human] readable and can also be processed to output structurally valid HTML.
  3. First-time setup takes less than sixty seconds.
AuthorI.B. Simpson
CategoriesTech, Writing