The best time to influence a project is at the beginning. As the project is executed, changes take more effort -in every aspect-, impacting the Iron Triangle (cost, time and scope ).

And so it is with knowledge: If you could know at age 11 what you know now, you’d be better prepared for the world, and more able to hit the ground running.

Being taught and comprehending the concepts of Project Management at age 11 would be a boon to anyone.

Imagine applying that knowledge to the following: studying for exams; getting involved in the community; evaluating how to spend your pocket money; better still, evaluating how to make more pocket money.

Then imagine having the tools and techniques to successfully do all of this and more at your command.

I wish I had been taught project management skills at that age. But what can I do? Well…I can help to bring this knowledge to children by delivering a teaching pack with lesson plans and all the information to every school in Scotland, through the Curriculum for Excellence.

I am developing this project right now, and if you would like to get involved, either in helping build this, or if you are in the education system and would like to support this cause, then please contact me.

Project Management is a Life Skill.

AuthorI.B. Simpson