You know that voice in your head that criticises every judgement and decision that you are about to make? What path do you automatically pilot this voice down? Do you first drive every hypothetical situation to its worst conclusion, i.e., loss, failure, humility and/or death?

Some of us do, some of us don’t. Forget that is important for now.

Often, trying to appraise and justify things only in our minds leads to burying, evasion and fear. This leads to failure to act, which leads to nothing.

That’s where writing helps. Whether you prefer pencil and paper or word processing software, getting it out of your mind and into reality (or onto a computer screen), for me, makes it real, giving it weight and importance.

Our minds’ short-sighted (but intense) focus by itself is inhibited, and tends towards entropy. Using this technique extends the breadth and depth of our thinking.

Exploration by written conversation with yourself might also result in some interesting conclusions. Discussing and pursuing a train of thought to its end point, then scannning for another thread and drilling down to the end of that. Alternative options hitherto undiscovered, are revealed, considered and selected (or decryed).

Repeating to exhaustion, the outcome will be a rich set of information, and hopefully an answer, if not a step in the right direction.

While gut instinct often provides the answer; explaining the justification to yourself by writing is very, very reassuring.

It is powerful stuff, to write and create and make things real. Because in your head, all ever anything will be is imaginary and temporary; unrealised potential.

That is what makes me write.

AuthorI.B. Simpson