I built a Hackintosh PC tower in the summer of 2013, however the Apple partition has barely been used (my 2008 MacBook is still in use with a 4Gb RAM upgrade and a 250Gb SSD). I have mainly used the PC to play games via Windows 8/8.1/10, Steam, and emulation. I now use a ridiculous looking Mad Catz R.A.T.3 mouse, and a luxurious Matias QuietPro [mechanical] Keyboard for PC (UK Layout) in black.


This site is made with Squarespace 6. At home, I use a Late 2008 13-inch MacBook hooked up to a 27-inch Cinema Display. I use a Mighty Mouse on a plain white Ikea Vika Amon corner desk with a Apple Wireless Keyboard (2003). (I prefer typing on my IBM Model M but it has proven to noisy for the living room.) I don’t have a preferred writing application. Having tried many of those listed on Brett Terpstra’s excellent comparison of iOS text editors, I have stuck with Byword as both desktop and iOS versions work well and are unpretentious.

Other applications I consider very useful in my daily life are 1Password, TextExpander, Moom, and Audio Hijack Pro (for capturing Skype and microphone input while recording The Iron Triangle Podcast).